Clare Cockburn interviewing Lauri Young...

Born: Edinburgh

Education: Lasswade High School, Telford College HMC Acting and Performance, Space Dundee

Notable Performance: Romeo and Juliet, Edinburgh Fringe 2013

What are you currently working on?: Titus Andronicus

What inspired you to get involved with Acting Up and The John Byrne Award: The acting workshops, engaging with young people, seeing things in a different way, working through problems, debate, the challenge of taking on a monologue that was written for a boy, working with Emma who has been so inspirational.

Ethos behind your work: I love the fact that everyone pulls together in this industry

Thanks Lauri, we love your ethos, it’s what we wish for all corporate culture and why we try to bridge the divide between drama and industry. All the best with your work for this worthwhile charity.


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