Most of my clients are calling safety a ‘value' these days, nudging it away from behaviour and into culture as a general way of being. I love this shift from safety being a prescriptive grey area to it being at the heart of who you are. Being part of a well oiled machine of a team is how we as humans work best. Having a team is a privilege I’m still getting used to. After years of working solo, I find that I understand myself better in context and I have been able to carry those lessons into the board room at Acting Up where my own amazing team are slowly but surely learning how to prize my fingers off every task and encourage me to look up and out, away from the cogs of the watch, towards the vision of our potential.

To me the story of how we are together as people is fundamental. We each have a chance to write our part in it, who we want to be, how we show up and what we need those around us to feel. All these elements are what drives us to make a culture in which targets are met and goals are striven for together, as one team.
Getting this blend right is the key to success, whether it’s on a building site, a rig, in a factory, an office or in a boardroom. This intangible blend of humans brought together to do something, is the story of our values and of us.
I share my experiences in the hope that my clients will understand what motivates me in my work, and here at Acting Up, we want to hear what you think so please do keep your comments and requests coming. It's great to be a part of your team!

Emma Currie
MD, Acting Up Ltd.