Paul has been on the Acting Up team for many years, travelling internationally on our behalf to deliver our message in workshops, with plays and scripts, when he has not been starring in river city, Scotland’s home grown soap opera.

He recently left the soap, and we are very glad that he now has more time to give us. We caught up with Paul over coffee to hear about his interests and what he feels it is like to be part of the acting up team.


Interests- Reading, golf football (watching!)

Degree  - Drama school so no degree as such but Diploma in Dramatic Art

Book     - Trainspotting, Irvine Welsh

Film      - Mean Streets, Scorsese

Play      - Cyrano de Bergerac, Rostand

Song     - Tinseltown, Blue Nile

Night Out - Drinks at West Port Bar, dinner at Little Italy, show at the Byre Theatre (pref music) all in St.Andrews with wife and son

Trip - New York- with the express intention of dining at the Tribeca Bar and Grill (De Niros Place!) Took six people all the way downtown there ten years ago and it was shut!

Paul: I feel as if I am doing stand up sometimes if I am honest!  I don’t often get heckled, but I need to draw the audience in, right from the start.

As far as they are concerned health and safety workshops are going to be dull, but from the start, we are offering something different. The challenge is to use the language of the guys on the platforms and rigs, to get them into their comfort zone, relaxed enough for us to deliver our message.

The message is that successful leadership is very different to straightforward authority and that health and safety is and should be everyone's concern.

In one of my best known sketches, I deliver a power packed performance, in the style of a football manager to contextualise this message. I get the audience on side first, and then we throw in some of that acting up magic when they least expect it.


AU: From the feedback you get - does it work?

Paul: It is memorable at the very least... Impactful, positive, raises awareness and provides a pivotal moment, which we hope will stay with them throughout their careers.