Daniel trained in visual communications at Edinburgh College of Art before launching a career as a film maker.


AU:  Thoughts, Daniel, behind this collaboration: STUCK?


DW: The chance to revisit and evolve old film format and typography and to film using SUPER 8mm, old cine film style really appealed.  My work these days has evolved into larger projects such as my involvement in the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games. I really valued the creative opportunity to develop a new way of putting the viewer in the frame in order to push the driving safety message home using a collaborative, documentary style of filming.


AU:  Describe how filming STUCK differed from filming other projects?


DW:  I liked using a conceptual element in tandem with short vignettes of real life and creating something new from something old style.


AU:   So, all in all a positive experience working with Acting Up?


DW:  Absolutely.  We weren’t too prescriptive but we knew we had to deliver something that had a corporate appeal as well.  I enjoyed the challenge!