Clare Cockburn, our very own Acting Up business development manager, steps into the interview chair...

Interview by Emmanuelle Sangster, May 2016.


Emmanuelle: Welcome Clare, good to see you. Are you excited for your interview?

Clare: Yes! I’ve spent so long interviewing other people in my work, so it’s nice to be on the other side of it.


Emmanuelle: Wow, sounds like you’ve done a lot of them! Any interesting / funny moments from them that stand out?

Clare: Usually it is to do with me. For example, when I interviewed Acting Up’s STU the accountant and he acted as if I was the FBI!


Emmanuelle: Sounds interesting- I've been there myself! One year ago I was sat on the opposite side of this interview process for our newsletter… What a year it has turned out to be, would you agree?

Clare: What a year indeed- I can’t begin to tell you what a journey it has been. But I’ll try.


Emmanuelle: Good stuff. So let’s bring it back to the beginning… What brought you on the path to Acting Up Ltd?

Clare: Emma initially employed me to do some profile raising and write a newsletter. Events are summed up in such a way that meant that she at that time needed a right hand woman. I stepped in and the rest is history


Emmanuelle: How have things progressed for you in the past year?

Clare: Progressed from minimal input to maximum output. My focus is on the development of the business in all areas, it’s all very exciting.


Emmanuelle: Are there any skills you’ve learnt/ developed over the past year that you never thought you would touch upon in your time here?

Clare: I always knew that I liked working with young people (I’m 47). I still feel about 20. So rather than feeling like an old person around young people I like to engage with them and build a young team, which I believe we have! Our young team support the core of the work we do, which has been a joy.

Also I don't think I ever thought I would write horoscopes based on health and safety.


 Emmanuelle: So what is it about Acting Up that makes that fit with you? Eg. Three qualities that you possess that aligns your ethos with Acting Up

Clare: Integrity, Professionalism, Kindness


Emmanuelle: Great choice! So I take it those are a mix of the things that attract you to Acting Up within your career. Anything else?

Clare: Theatre is my passion, and for someone like myself who studied psychotherapy, this combo of theatre and HS is perfect, as I get to enjoy both aspects of my passions and interests with Acting Up.


Emmanuelle: It shows- you’ve certainly been busy at work this year. As business developer you’ve been creating a whole treasure of creative ideas to use within Acting Up! From Greek thunderbolts to our latest and very own Dr. Beat and Mystic Aura’s appearance to name a few! What has been your favourite character to develop so far and why?

 Clare: Dr. beat was fun. I think he has got quite some longevity for Acting Up, I think he can be our little animated spokesperson. We have lots of plans for him within the e-learning so probably him.


Emmanuelle: Can you identify yourself with any of the Acting Up characters that you’ve helped introduce, and how so?

Clare: Probably all of them. I like to think that I constantly reminded of how human we are on a day-to-day basis. When you are planning a direction for a business to develop in, having some vision is an important tool, which is where the crystal ball idea came from.


Emmanuelle: Dr.BEAT has been raising the roof on some health and safety topics with our social media team! This month he’s diagnosed a highlight on mental health awareness… What’s rocking your boat in health and safety topics right now?

Clare: I’ve been quite interested in the research for our up and coming pieces that are being written. We are currently writing a piece on slips trips and falls by Emma, as well as our ergonomics and well being piece by Emmanuelle for Health and Safety Matters. It's been fun trying to incorporate our very human approach to this corporate sphere.


Emmanuelle: What are you looking forward to doing with Acting Up in the upcoming months? Any shout outs to upcoming projects/ideas?

Clare: I enjoy working collaboratively within a team and there's more of that to come, so I’m excited! The whole ethos of the company and the material we work with on a day to day basis is inspiring.


Emmanuelle: Word on the Acting Up HQ street is that our very own office mascot PLUM may be developed into one of our unique Acting Up characters! How does Plum feel about the extra time at the office?

Clare: Well she's hanging out with her mum Amber at the moment, so I don't think she will be in the office anytime soon, but I promise you’ll be the first to know.


Awesome, thanks for that Clare! Can’t wait to see what’s round the corner for Acting Up.

Emmanuelle Sangster,

Editor, Acting Up Ltd. 


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