When I left drama school one million years ago, careers in Health and Safety didn’t exist and culture was something to do with Art and Theatre. But little did I know that my own style of performance would be playing a huge role in corporate culture and there was indeed an art form to it. In the case of Acting Up, the ‘art’ form is the act of making what starts as a corporate message, into something that provokes and stimulates a change in people. And theatre is my tool.  It’s all about telling stories in a way that inspires a productive conversation that focuses on behavioural change.

With every topic that crosses the Acting Up path a new challenge is set - make things new, fresh, different.  With the development of Acting Up World [e-learning platform of Acting Up] we are building a resource which will be special, creative, thought-provoking with a grounding in psychology.

Talking of platforms, BP are mobilising 1000 people to head off to BP Clair Ridge.  This massive platform is currently making its way over from where it was built via Rotterdam and will end up in the North Sea soon, before production begins in mid June. This means 1000 people are being put through inductions and AMEC Foster Wheeler, who are managing the project, have brought Acting Up in to embed the right kind of mindset in the workforce from the get-go.  Our sessions are focussed on bringing the BP Behavioural Observation Safe System to life and we have brought in a wonderful performer Paul Samson AKA ‘Raymond' from TV Soap River City to help illustrate what interventions should and should not feel like.  We also have sessions featuring Acting Up actress Suzanne Robertson, who performs the Vigil and then facilitates an energised workshop with the participants. The feedback has been amazing.  We are proud and delighted to be delivering this and we love being part of the culture on Clair Ridge.

In Edinburgh, the driving safety script for  ‘Stuck’  started filming this week. It has taken a while to find the right person to bring this poignant piece to life although the vocal elements of the story have been in place as an audio file for some months.  We are proud and excited to be working on this project with award winning film-maker Daniel Warren.  Working with Daniel has been like creating the perfect piece of art.   He works alone and takes advantage of the elements to bring atmosphere and character to his visuals and while there is a strong practical element to the learning material we have developed around ‘Stuck' (to do with stopping distances, distractions whilst driving, speed etc) there is a visceral element brought to the viewer through the visuals.  Looking to the future, we hope that this film will help and inspire the driving safety movement and win Daniel some more acclaim along the way.  Thanks Dan.

Emma Currie
CEO, Acting Up Ltd.