What are the creative seeds behind Acting UP?


It’s both a science and an art to be able to create a formula that uses live theatre and storytelling to produce change in corporate culture.  The seven steps to transformational change is a well-packaged, manageable way of presenting long term change amongst the workforce. The formula is a palatable and applicable choice for a client searching for a way to instigate change for a stale perspective.  Their workforce may for a long time have slotted into an MO that outwardly works but inwardly there are many flaws. The flaws lead to accidents and the accidents lead to deaths.  These fatal accidents can have a long term damaging effect on the esteem of a workforce and public face of the company as a whole.  Once it has happened there is no going back.


Our preventative tactics and methods are the brainchild of Emma Currie, the creative, driving force behind the science. Try to call her a scientists and she will raise an eyebrow, call her an artist and she is much more comfortable, but honestly, it’s a mixture of both, and it has grown from the melting pot of experience and intuitive knowledge from the life of one woman.
Emma, who grew up in Athens and Montreal, before settling and schooling in Edinburgh comes from an eclectic mix of family, of academic parentage with two brothers, one a notable musician and one a professor of postmodern narrative fiction.  This colourful backdrop to her young life must surely have planted the seeds of her creativity, the polarity of science versus art that later laid the foundations for Acting UP. Her career as an actress who fashioned a formula that can change a stale workforce by challenging their view on their own health and safety is surely the stuff of a modern heroine, or indeed a psychodrama queen.


Author: Clare Cockburn

Marketing and Communications, Acting Up Ltd.