"The human voice is the most powerful one in the world, the only one that can start a war, or say I love you”, Julian Treasure (2014).


Finding your voice… To me, it’s about finding out what matters and what matters to you. Then using that passion to be part of making a change with that opinion for the positive. As quoted above, the human voice is such as powerful tool. In some instances, one employee's voice may be taken for granted due to the noise of the other voices in the room, so to speak. Here's why I believe we mustn't allow for this to happen.


I personally believe, as in any situation, there are different sides to the story, everyone has their own way of interpreting things and each interpretation can shed light on a better way or strengthen the existing process. To take for granted one voice or throwing away an opinion due to a difference of opinion or lack of authority takes for granted the power that fresh insight can have on the strength of your work. Not everyone can be right, but there is a reason why people interpret things the way they do. To get to the bottom of that is a goldmine for new fresh ideas that may have some hidden gems. No good change ever came from someone silencing themselves.


At Acting Up, we found our voice for what we believe in 18 years ago, creating behavioural change in the health and safety arena at work. It is moving to be able to awaken voices in the workplace through the use of powerful script and workshops that may otherwise have kept silent. Acting Up present a shocking, comfortable environment for voices to be heard, something that I feel empowers employees to have those conversations that may have been long overdue.


I suppose then finding your voice to me means to take care of yourself and others, listen to the each other and importantly listen to your own voice as well. This can go a long way for your health and safety systems.


Emmanuelle Sangster, Editor

Acting Up Ltd.


Reference: Treasure, J. (2014). How to speak so that people want to listen. [video] Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIho2S0ZahI