(Photography by Jasmine Bauer, 'A Couple of Photos')

New Girl

I’m the new girl at the ActingUp office!
So, what does this mean? I write about Health and Safety! Why? Because it’s interesting and exciting. I can already the sense the ‘what are you talking about?’- allow me to change your mind.

That’s right, Health and Safety . I’m already aware that the subject comes with some preconceived meaning, and that’s why I’ve joined this wonderful team.    

*How to lose the attention of those around you in three words*

“Health and Safety!”

Hm, not exactly the gripping topic…or is it? I SWEAR we are different here. At ActingUp we’re on a mission to change cultures opinion of Health and Safety in the workplace (brightly coloured signs are not doing the subject any justice). A wet floor sign is not the be all and end all of Health and Safety, it certainly helps from public embarrassment and a sore back side, but that’s merely skimming the surface. Let’s add another angle to the power points of the do’s and don’ts and a checklist of how not to hurt yourself. We’re bringing in the behavioural piece, a part that other training doesn’t reach. Live theatre, workshops and film are our methods (I look at films longer than I do signs, that’s for sure). 

So, let’s get to the crux of the matter; What is health exactly? Is it drinking a green juice titled “I have my life together my day wouldn’t begin without my morning run sugar should be illegal” or avoiding being trapped between revolving doors? Technically yes, but health covers a variety of your daily life, your mental health, physical health and healthy relationships with others to name a few. And safety? It’s everywhere, its carrying a tray with one too many drinks on it to trusting in those wobbly ladders.
There’s stories to be told and lessons to be learned that seem miles from a sign of “High Voltage Don’t Touch”. This is a complete new adventure, a journey filled with the unexpected.  

Are you new to ActingUp? Keep an eye out for the next post to get to know Gail, a lady who likes to wear only a bed sheet and red stilettos.